Saison 2016

Frame Construction Monocoque
Material CFRP with aluminium honeycomb
Overall L / W / H 2700mm / 1360mm / 1059mm
Wheelbase / Track (Fr & Re) 1530mm / 1168mm / 1150mm
Weight with 68kg driver (Fr & Re) 144kg / 157kg
Suspension Double antiparallel unequal length A-Arm . Push rod actuated, adjustable in compression and rebound.
Tyres (Fr / Rr) C16 205/470 R13, Continental, Fr and Rr
Wheels (Fr / Rr) 7×13, 26mm offset, 3pc AlMgSi1 Rim, Fr and Rr
Number of Motors 4
Motor Location FR, FL, RR, RL
Max Motor Power 4x 35kW
Motor Type AMK / DD5-14-10-POW – Permanent excited synchron
Max Motor RPM 20.000
Motor Controller AMK / KW26-S5-FSE-4Q 2
Max System Voltage 588V
Electrode Materials LiCoO2
Combined Accumulator Capacity 7.25kWh
Transmission Ratio (Primary) 15.87
Drive Type planetary gearbox
Differential Electronic differential
Cooling Left and right side sidepot integrated coolers without fan. 2 split system.
Brake System 4-Disk system, self developed rotors with 220mm diameter, AP Racing CP4227-2S0 calipers
Electronics self developed, decentral control unit system and telemetry system, multifunctional dashboard

Formula Student United Kingdom Silverstone 13. – 17. Juli 2016
Formula Student Germany Hockenheim 08. – 13. August 2016

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